The Soft Technical Skills Institute's Board of Review sees itself as an external "jury of experts" or "court of judges" which collectively pass judgment on the worthiness and mastery of skills sets of soft technical skills by learners. The Board is couched in the belief of the collective wisdom of mature and thoughtful people who are knowledgeable about the topics. The Board maintains a "big picture" perspective, which provides an industry-wide, nation-wide , and world-wide overview.

Via the STSI's staff, the Board of Review:

  • Codifies exit performance standards for each soft technical skill.
  • Aligns and verifies established mastery standards with other industry standards.
  • Reviews and enhances measurable learning objectives, formative practice e-quizzes, attitude e-survey, and summative comprehensive performance examinations.

What is represented on STSI's Board of Review?
  • Employers
  • Self-employed contractors
  • Secondary Career & Technical Education
  • Inter-related Cooperative Education
  • Postsecondary technical training
  • Higher education
  • U. S. Military
  • Credentialed learners
  • Other credentialing agencies:
    • NOCTI (formerly known as the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute)
    • Illinois Department of Professional Regulation